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General Interest

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General Interest

  • Do you know exactly what the regulations say?
  • A Brief History
  • Article by Niki about the fabulous 50s diner in Derbyshire
  • Look what was found in this barn!
  • A short guide
  • What does Fuel too Lean mean in a diagnostic test?
  • or as owners are calling it, DeathCool!
  • (retractable hardtop), 1957-1959 - A true hardtop convertible A true hardtop convertible
  • Blade wipers vs. conventional wiper blades
  • Give us a Brake - Discs vs. Drums
  • 1948-1952 a British car with America in mind
  • Which brake fluid should I use?
  • American Cars and UK Number Plate Regulations

Import & Export

  • A guide to importing your dream American Car
  • Experience of buying on ebay and then Importing the vehicle

Just For Fun

  • Article about the Pontiac Division of General Motors
  • Some useless or maybe useful information
  • Lighthearted article about bells & Whistles

Motoring Holidays